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Our ethical approach to business development

Starlight’s business model involves full control over each stage of the development process and the oversight of each step required in order to obtain all the authorisations needed to achieve the ready-to-build status and prepare the renewable energy assets for construction and operation.

All the development activities from land scouting, through projects design and obtainment of all the required authorisations are managed by in-house dedicated teams of technicians, financiers and lawyers.

Starlight places high regard on aspects such as local community engagement, biodiversity net-gain initiatives and landscape and agricultural integration with renewable energy assets installation when deciding which development initiatives to undertake.

Starlight has a proven business model for the development of new assets, which levers its existing relationships across tier-1 contractors, grid operators and local/central authorities. Close engagement with grid operators and contractors at the right time enables Starlight to optimize timelines and costs.

Development approach is directed across separate divisions, with tailor-made strategies across the key technologies and geographies to deal with local grid and permitting requirements.

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Business & Project Development

Scouting and sites selection

Sites assessment

Constraints analysis

Permitting documents preparation and filing

Permitting process lead

Financial Analysis & Management Control

Project valuation

Feasibility analysis

Projects financial control


Land agreement drafting

Permitting process support


Yield assessment

Projects design (including grid)

Permitting process support

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