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Coal, natural gas and oil have brought us prosperity and comfort for many decades, but at the high price of massive air pollution and the increasing destruction of
the world around us

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Time to change

During this time greenhouse gas emissions have led to the warming of the earth’s atmosphere and therefore very large-scale climate change. Today, the existence of human beings is in danger.
If we fail to keep the rise in global average temperature well below 1.5 degrees, climate change will cost millions of lives. Everything we care about is at stake.

The planet will survive but we won’t.

It’s not a choice, it is a necessary change to survive.

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Our challenge

Climate crisis does not resolve itself, but we have the right technologies to do so. We must opt ​​now for a fair future based on 100% renewable energy to reach the global reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. Our challenge is to change our mindset, our habits and convert the energy system to 100% in favor of renewables.

Time is already running out: by 2030, the share of renewables should double worldwide, from 16% in 2020 to 34%, and then reach 77% in 2050.

We still have a long way to go, but the future could be even brighter than now. Investing in decarbonization will be the main engine behind a sustainable economic rebirth, with the creation of new jobs (latest research says there will be up to 60 million new green jobs globally in 2050), increase in personal wealth, easement of geopolitical tensions led by energy independence and restauration of degraded biodiversity and eco-systems.

We are already doing our part

At Starlight we are an ethical, global project developer that continues to contribute to the NextEnergy Group mission in leading the transition to clean energy

We are focusing on developing ethical, innovative, sustainable and high-quality projects in the whole renewable energy space

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