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Starlight is much more than simply a renewable energy asset developer. By design, we are a holistic developer of integrated solutions, combining agricultural, environmental, social, landscape and biodiversity needs with the production of green energy

Our internal capabilities spread across a range of disciplines, encompassing engineering, economic, agronomic, geology, biology, and sociology. We are proud to design integrated solutions in strict cooperation with local landowners, farmers, communities and public authorities – this is exemplified by our compelling track record (check out our exemplar case studies here).

At Starlight, we strongly believe that a novel approach to developing renewable energy assets is possible. An approach that positively impacts every area of the economy, the environment and the society. If you share the same belief, become our valued partner and join our journey for an equitable and sustainable energy transition, which could benefit not only our planet but our entire society.


Stefano Pieroni

Business Development Director

Responsible for Italy

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Roy Amner

Business Development Director

Responsible for the UK

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Roy Amner


Stathis Panagiotopoulos

Business Development Director

Responsible for Greece

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Marc Stachiw

Business Development Vice President

Responsible for Canada

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Rest of the world

Davide Nielsen

Business Development Director

Responsible for New Markets

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