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We surround ourselves with people who inspire us and help us to pursue our ambition to generate a more sustainable future by leading the transition to
clean energy

To shape our business and achieve our mission, we have created a set of values


Be a leader

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Being a leader isn’t a position or a rank, it’s a mindset. We want everyone, no matter what part they play, to realise their leadership potential.

Values (1)

Build trust

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Trusted relationships are the foundation of a positively challenging environment where everyone can contribute to their full potential. We want trust to be at the heart of our company, to fuel the creation of brilliant teams, strong partnerships, and long-term performance.

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Be responsible

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Generating clean energy for the planet is a responsibility we are privileged to hold. To preserve this privilege we need to hold ourselves and each other to the highest ethical and social standards, because managing others’ capital and assets demands nothing less of us.

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Bring your alpha

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Our track record of creating incremental value by outperforming the market is what sets our company apart. We thrive in a competitive environment and need everyone to bring their ⍺ game to work, do their best work and make sure no stone is left unturned in identifying value.

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Be an innovator

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Staying at the forefront of our industry requires a relentless focus on challenging and improving every single aspect of what we do in order to continuously generate incremental value. We want everyone to come to work with bold ideas and new perspectives to change things for the better.

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